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The Importance Of Eavestroughs

Most homes today have a system of eavestroughs and downspouts that are there to protect your home. They form a system designed to catch all of the water that falls on your home and safely send it away from your home. Think of them as a sort of plumbing for your roof that relates the flow of water over your house. Without eavestroughs the water could fall directly down your home to the foundation and that can lead to costly damage. A home should be built with drainage in mind, a plan for where the downspouts will send the water so that it goes away from your home and keeps your home and property safe from water damage.

If you ignore your eavestroughs it might cause you issues. For example, if you have lots of tall trees in your neighbourhood they may drop leaves onto your home which will gather in the eavestroughs and possible block the flow of water. This can lead to roof damage and leaking. Regularly cleaning out your eavestroughs is a wise preventative measure to take.

Eavestroughs can also get damaged by severe weather or other factors such as animals that might climb up them. If that happens then and they lose their integrity if can lead to leaks or blocks that turn into much bigger problems.

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